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Yes, that makes lots of sense

Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson’s new Wildstorm book The Boys debuted on August 16th. It was followed up two weeks later, on August 30th, with #2. It’s a sensible enough strategy — follow up the first, which was largely concerned with setup, quickly with the second to quickly build an audience. I’ve mused before that this is the sort of thing that used to merit a double-sized specacular debut issue, but no one ever seems to do that these days, so whatever.

But here’s where things come off the rails: According to DC’s schedule, there is no issue of The Boys in September.

And then in October, there are another two: #3 comes out on the 4th, and #4 on the 25th. After that, it seems to settle into a once-a-month schedule.

I realize it’s just a matter of a few days, but huh? Why would you publish two issues one month, none the next, and then two the month after? It’s still running approximately monthly, and I don’t see any problems with Robertson’s speed, but why not avoid the poor optics of not having an issue in September? Would it have been impossible to bump #2 to the first week of September, or move up #3 to the last?

It’s not a big deal, and it certainly doesn’t change anything in a meaningful way. It’s just weird and nonsensical, which is the sort of thing Marvel and DC seem really big on when scheduling books.