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Green Arrow: Year One Probably Won’t Suck!

I think everyone can agree that the Year One concept has been beaten into the ground. Frank Miller’s Batman origin is obviously a classic, but Year Two, Year Three, and Everyone Else’s Year One overdid it. DC even did a whole Summer Annual event based around it. Now, they’re going back to the well for more Year One stories.

Normally, I’d greet the news with a big “Who Cares” – I really do think we’ve had enough re-tellings of everyone and their sister’s origins. But this time, they’re at least doing something right: The creative team on Green Arrow is going to be Andy Diggle and Jock, the team supreme of The Losers, the best action comic published this century.

Green Arrow is one of those characters that’s pretty cool in concept (or stupid, if you want to question the wisdom of fighting crime with a bow and arrow), but most of the actual books I’ve read have been pretty lame. But Diggle & Jock? I’m there.