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So much for Human Target


I admit, I was curious about the pilot for Human Target. It’s not like I had great expectations, given the challenges of adapting Peter Milligan’s great books, but hey, I want stuff like this to be good. Maybe you can adapt a thoughtful and challenging book into the television format and..
Wait, what’s that? McG is the executive producer? Oh.  Uhm. Well, maybe it’s not all bad; McG gets a bad rap sometimes, and people can change, and raise their standards. Let McG speak for himself:

“We wanted it to be like those great action shows of the eighties, like The A-Team. We looked at the current television landscape and there wasn’t a show like that on the air. Until now.”

And apparently he doesn’t even impersonate other people now?
Clearly, god is punishing me for something.
(And yes, I know there were Human Target comics before Peter Milligan, but I don’t care about them, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about them.)