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Orphan Black clones Breaking Bad

Given the many clones on Orphan Black, it’s not uncommon to get a sense of deja vu while watching the show. But the opening scene of Governed As It Were By Chance, the fourth episode of season two, conjures not another version of Tatiana Maslany, but a vision of Bryan Cranston in his underwear.

Opening sequence of ep. 5
Orphan Black, episode 4
Beginning of pilot
Breaking Bad, episode 1

The pilot of Breaking Bad is so memorable, nearly iconic, that I want to think Orphan Black is offering a stylistic homage. But it goes beyond the shot, lifting the entire concept from Breaking Bad: As sirens approach, Sarah draws a gun and readies herself for a dramatic confrontation with the police, who are surely coming for her. But just as on Breaking Bad, they’re not coming for her at all, and race by without showing any interest.

At least Maslany is wearing pants.