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The Corin Tucker Band: Neskowin

Last updated on October 21, 2014

At the risk of being melodramatic, the breakup of Sleater-Kinney was the worst event in the history of the human race. On the one hand, The Woods was probably the high point of their excellent career, and an perfect note to go out on. But on the other hand, what if they’d gotten even better? Or just stayed awesome?

My pain was soothed by Wild Flag, starring Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, whose debut album was rocktastically outstanding, but what I really wanted – nay, needed – was the return of The Voice.

(If anyone starts talking about televised singing competitions, they will be mocked, scorned, and excommunicated.)

Hearing Corin Tucker sing is one of those religious rock & roll experiences like no other. There’s power, emotion, energy, and fun. While her first album as the Corin Tucker Band was nice, it wasn’t what we expect – or demand – from Corin Tucker. Kill My Blues is much closer to what we want, and need, from the beautiful wailing banshee.

(Now if only someone could persuade Wild Flag and the Corin Tucker Band to merge and form a supergroup of some sort…)



Bonus Corin Tucker: Sympathy is one of my favourite Sleater-Kinney songs, and this performance is wonderful:

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