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Losers or Winners?


God knows I’m skeptical of adaptations these days, but I’m actually starting to get a good feeling about The Losers, Sylvain White’s adaptation of Andy Diggle & Jock’s great espionage comic. Diggle and Jock were apparently involved at various points in the production, and there’s even a promo poster that uses Jock’s cover to #12, with some celebritized faces.It helps that The Losers was in many ways an action movie on paper; it’s less concerned with character and depth than it is with wicked plot twists and stylish action sequences.
Now there’s a trailer, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I’m worried there’s an excess of slo-mo, but the tone feels right, and most of the characters seem spot-on – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans seem like good fits. I guess Zoey Saldana isn’t supposed to be an Afghan freedom fighter and/or terrorist, and I’m not sure she’s got quite the killer attitude, but she still gets a rocket launcher.
For now, colour me optimistic.