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Hello Oscars…


If you had to pick some ingredients for possibly the Greatest Movie Ever Made, you’d totally include Brett Ratner, right? But that alone wouldn’t be enough, would it? No, of course not. You’d want something really special, something to truly elevate Ratner’s work above that of also-rans like Kubrick and Kurosawa. Something so daring and innovative, no one else would dare touch it.

For a truly great cinematic feat, you need Rob Liefeld’s fertile imagination and truly radical design concepts. And then you get Youngblood: The Movie.

Expect the cast to include Matthew McConaughey, a man who many expect would look good wearing 18 pouches, and Chris Tucker playing his gun. And just as Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder took great pains to adapt the visual style of Frank Miller to the screen, so too will Ratner honour Liefeld’s groundbreaking work by only shooting actors from the shins up.