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There are no attempted puns about philately in this post

Stamp collecting is probably one of the most boring and generally lamest hobbies one can find. (One might think there’d be problems with someone who spends most of his time writing about comic books pointing that out, but I have no regrets. To be fair, collecting stamps is much cooler than collecting spoons.)

Until now:

“Mythical creatures” is a pretty nifty theme unto itself, but having them illustrated by Dave McKean? Totally awesome.

The Royal Mail rocks.

Canada Post continues to rock quite a bit less.

A beaver playing hockey. Outrageous! Truly, Canada Post is the Andy Warhol of stamp design.

One response to “There are no attempted puns about philately in this post”

  1. I, Warren

    Ryan, I hate to nitpick here (or defend Canada Post’s general suckitude), but that’s a Sasquatch playing hockey(he’s one of the Vancouver Olympic mascots)