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Popmatters Review: The Apparat Collection

My review of Warren Ellis’ Apparat is up over at Popmatters. Quite a good book, with a nice dose of Ellis’ craziness and some fantastic art, particularly from Jose Ryp and Carla Speed McNeil.

Warren Ellis’ Apparat project is an attempt to look at what comics might have become if the breadth and depth of the pulps had been translated into comics. Apparat’s stories are full of heroes, villains, weird science, and high adventure — none of which are foreign to superhero comics — but bypass the specifics of the capes and cowls crowd.

It’s not an entirely original experiment. Alan Moore’s ABC line — particularly Tom Strong — was an attempt to capture the spirit of the pulp magazines. But while Moore’s stories were more of a cultural transplant, complete with the whimsy and absurdity of the original era, Ellis looks at the idea as if multi-genre fiction has been alive and well in North American comics for the past half-century.

Go and read the full review. You know you want to.