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The monologue is my preferred method of discourse.

People Who Suck

These people suck:

  • People who post eBay autions with misleading titles. The title says “Justice League 1-50!”, but when you click the link they’ve only got 1, 3, 15, 35, 49-50. Yah for getting more people to look at your auction, but big SUCK! for pissing them off when they do.
  • Potential employers who interview people for jobs and then never call back. It takes two minutes to call or email someone and thell them they suck.
  • Me, apparently. Even though they won’t tell me.
  • Greg Land:Greg Land: Ultimate Suck(image courtesy of CBR forums)

As a counterpoint, though, I bring you one person who doesn’t suck – J.H. Williams III:
JH Williams Channelling Jack KirbyYes, it’s only six months late. Who cares?