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More Fun with Greg Land

(or, The Many Faces of Sue Storm, continued)

A preview page from Ultimate Power #1, “the crossover of the decade” (apparently able to top Civil War without a clone). Note the Thing, and particularly the Invisible woman, in the top panel:

Next: The cover to Ultimate Fantastic Four #21:

And finally, the cover to Ultimate Fantastic Four #31:

One woman. One pose. Two different faces. Two different right-arm positions. Two entirely different faces, with the one from UFF #21 being a particularly bad paste job — that, or the story involves Sue suffering from a serious neck injury. The Thing actually comes off a bit better – he’s got an entirely different pose in #21, though the only difference between #31 and Ultimate Power is that his mouth is open in one. At least Sue gets to move her arm.

That’s not bad, all things considered: One pose for Sue and two for Ben turn into two covers and one panel with only the slightest of alterations. It’s not that Land cheats, because plenty of artists do it in one way or another. It’s that he’s so incredibly bad at it.

(I’m also positive Land is re-using the Sue Storm picture from the centre panel, though I can’t find the reference.)