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More Bimbo, Less Lobo!

I’m a pretty big Sam Kieth fan. Not his biggest fan, or anything, but I generally like his stuff. He’s got a unique and distinctive style, and a bizarre sense of humour. If I was the sort of person who would buy a Batman/Lobo team-up book, I would definitely buy Kieth’s Batman/Lobo team-up book.

But I’m not. I’m sorry, Sam, but Batman vs. Lobo? Did I fall through a gap in the space-time continuum and end up in 1995? Why does this keep happening to me?

Which wouldn’t be so bad on its own, I suppose; if Sam Kieth wants to draw Batman fighting Lobo, and seemingly channel a bit of Simon Bisley, that’s his business.

However, I feel more than a little disappointed that Kieth is doing a project of this calibre while My Inner Bimbo continues to sit in limbo: The first issue came out almost a year ago and the second is nowhere to be seen. I’m not sure if Inner Bimbo made a whole lot of sense, but it’s a far, far, far more interesting project than yet another generic (even with Sam Kieth!) teamup book.