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Aronofsky & Graphic Novels

Very interesting interview with Darren Aronofsky over at Newsarama about the two different streams he found for The Fountain: The film, which was bludgeoned by Hollywood executives, and the graphic novel:

Filmmaking, you have to collaborate with the studio and with the money people to get the final vision on the screen, but in the case of the graphic novel, the pressures are less from the studio. The other thing with the graphic novel, he could put the camera anywhere, and do any type of shot – budget and money didn’t matter at all with him, so that was kind of another limit that we could take off of the story in telling it as a graphic novel.

This is the sort of thing I’ve been saying forever: In a comic book, you can do absolutely anything, and it’s nice to see a “famous” person recognize it. Why don’t more comics people – both fans and creators – recognize it, too?