We Love the City

The monologue is my preferred method of discourse.

A bit of context always helps…

So Chris Butcher pointed out the cover to the latest printing of Marvel Zombies, which is, admittedly, pretty gross:
I can see his point, of course: Not only is it a “sexy” female corpse, but it’s also tying into one of the few all-ages, female-friendly books Marvel publishes. But, you know, I don’t think it’s that bad. Mostly, I think it’s depressing that Arthur Suydam continues to beat the Classic Cover With Zombies motif into the ground; can he really not draw anything els?

But then, I remembered a few things:
Independently, I don’t think anything here is that bad. The MJ statue is ugly and a poor translation of Adam Hughes’ work; the Heroes for Hire cover is, I’m convinced, an attempt at parody gone horribly wrong; and Daredevil is by the excellent Michael Lark and the pretty good Ed Brubaker.

But put them together and you get an ugly trend.

As Chris so nicely titles his piece, No, Seriously, Why Do You Put Up With This Shit?