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  • Magneta Lane at Canadian Music Week

    (If you’re interested, the non-photoshopped version is here.)

  • Music: Campesinos!, Lucky Soul, Gaga, Palmer

    Have I ever told you that I love Los Campesinos? They’re such a delightfully fun band, poppy and spunky with lots of clever singalong bits that get even better when you start paying attention the lyrics. Now Hold On Youngsters… is one of my favourite albums of the last few years. Their new album, Romance […]

  • I love this comic so very much

    As if I weren’t already excited about the new Phonogram series, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have posted a preview of the first issue. And it looks good. Like you’d expect. But it gets even better when Penny’s friend Laura appears: Yes, apparently Gillen & McKelvie have been stalking my blog, or perhaps my dreams, […]

  • Creepier than Thriller!

    Mogwai are back on form, and they are freaking me out.

  • Like peanut-butter and chocolate, kind of

    If you’re like me – and if you’re not, you should try a little harder – you dig samurai movies. And you have at least a passing interest in electronic music. But you’ve always wondered – how can I combine these two things together? Finally, I have found the answer. I think it’s pretty neat.

  • North by Northeast 2008

    This weekend was the annual North by Northeast festival in Toronto, a city-wide feast of bands playing in tiny, sweaty clubs. It’s been a few years since I took in the whole festival, so this year I dove in. Thursday This night didn’t start out too well, as I couldn’t get into the main club […]

  • The Long Blondes @ Lee’s Palace

    I actually wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this show. Unlike British Sea Power, whose new album is definitely concert-friendly, the new Long Blondes album has a decided studio feel: Lots of electronics, some quieter songs, and more experimental. It’s good, but would it play live? Yes. By golly, yes. Most of this is […]

  • I Like Rock Music: British Sea Power @ Lee’s Palace

    The summer concert season got off to an excellent start with British Sea Power. This was the third time I’ve seen them, and definitely their best performance. A few years experience definitely helps, and their new album is tailor-made for rocking out. More photos, and bigger sizes, at Flickr.

  • The best comic of 2008…

    … should not be judged until we hit February, at least. (Although, seriously? Scalped #13 is el grando awesome.) Nonetheless, I think I’ve got my Most Anticipated Comic of 2008, courtesy of Kieron Gillen, talking about the next volume of Phonogram: In fact, issue 5 of series 2 is based around an obsessive Long Blondes […]

  • Top Albums of 2007

    And here we go with the “Best Of” lists. Music is first up, with Movies soon to follow – I just need to see There Will Be Blood before I can make any final cinematic judgments. And the Best of Comics list should be more substantial, since this is a 75%-or-so comics-focused blog. First, a […]