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Now Resuming Transmissions

Since one of my reasons for stepping down from the Review Editor gig at Comixfan was to devote more time to writing my own stuff, it seems prudent to resume writing my own stuff. This is my own stuff. Pedantic stuff of little interest to anyone beyond my immediate and stunted social circule, but my stuff nonetheless.

The world is very cool. There are many interesting and intelligent people doing wonderfully creative things. There are probably more dull and moronic fools doing utterly meaningless drivel as well – and probably amassing considerably more fame and fortune for it – but who cares. It’s like high school, in a way: The jocks on the football team are jerks, and the rich kids are stuck up and arrogant, but everyone’s still got their own group of friends who are worth hanging out with.

I’m not a huge Franz Ferdinand fan, but I’ve always loved the lyrics to Matinee:

I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate
All the girls I hate
The clothes I hate
All the wors I hate
How I’ll never be anything I hate
You smile, mention something that you like
How you’d have a happy life if you did the things you like

So I can bitch and complain about things – and boy, do I bitch and complain – but ultimately, I’m much happier talking about things I enjoy. This often involves comparing the thing I like to something less favourable, but what can you do? I’m not Mary Freaking Poppins.

So in brief, some things I am enjoying right now:

  • Lucifer vol. 3: A Dalliance With The Damned. I’ve switched to trade format, as it’s totally the way to go for a series like this. Been catching up with some older volumes – I only started at around #25 – and dang, it’s some good stuff. I love Dean Ormston’s fill-in issues, and Ryan Kelly’s art is pretty spiffy, too. When Mike Carey’s on, he just sparkles: Great dialogue, intricate and unpredictable plots, and a great eye on the bigger picture.
  • Angel, Season 5. I only got into Wedon’s stuff after both series were off the air, so this is a DVD thing. At times, I enjoy Angel more than Buffy; there’s just an element of darkness and ambiguity to it. Disc 4 is just bizarre: The hilarious Smile Time, the very serious and excellent You’re Welcome and Hole in the World, and the generally dull Why We Fight.
  • The Impressionist, by Hari Kunzru. It’s a bit too Victorian at times – while I like the humour, the characters are too distant to really become attached to – but still a fun book. Very clever.
  • Howl, by BRMC. Apparently they’re a blues/country/folk/gospel band now. And it works. I wonder how many fans absolutely hate it, though.
  • You know, I haven’t seen a new movie for several weeks now. (Last Seen: The Aristocrats, which I loved) But fall is looking good, and the Toronto Film Festival is getting underway. Things I’m looking forward to include Takashi Miike’s Great Yokai War, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, Terry Gilliam’s Tideland and David Cronenberg’s History of Violence.

There. See how happy and well-adjusted I am? Isn’t life just peachy?

I’ll be more coherent and in-depth next time. Honest.

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