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Game of Thrones has nothing to say about rape, continues to say it very badly & loudly

Game of Thrones has become addicted to showing off how horrible its characters can be. It’s always been lazy when it came to sexual violence, but now it’s just wallowing, and has nothing to say beyond “people are mean.” continue reading

Walter White and the No-Good, Very Bad Nazis

Breaking Bad has insulated Walter White’s morality with some exceptional antagonists. Whatever you may think of Walt, he pales next to Tuco, Gus, or the Salamanca cousins. continue reading

Parks & Recreation 4-11: The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid is a fairly simple episode with an obvious goal. When the show broke for Christmas, it left with a new status quo: Leslie was still going to run for city council, but with the help of her friends and co-workers instead of the professional political consultants; and Ben was unemployed after his resignation and subsequent refusal to take a safe, boring accounting job. continue reading

Blue Valentine: Happily Ever After

“Opposites Attract” is a standard theme in romance stories, from Romeo and Juliet to whatever movie Kate Hudson is starring in this month, and it’s at the centre of Blue Valentine: Cindy (Michelle Williams) is a smart, scholarly girl aiming for med school. Dean (Ryan Gosling) works for a moving company, and isn’t particularly career-minded. She’s reluctant to open up to his advances, but eventually accepts that he has no ulterior motives: He only wants to make her happy. They overcome the obstacles in their way and live happily ever after, until they become completely and utterly miserable. continue reading

Inception: A Smart Movie for Dumb People

Inception wants so badly to be an elegant, intelligent, and emotional film, but Nolan buried it under crushingly clumsy exposition, meaningless big-budget action sequences, and an egomaniacal desire to make sure everyone understands how elegant, intelligent, and emotional his film is. continue reading

Vanity Fair to Twitter: Get Off My Lawn!

During Christmas Dinner, I had to explain Twitter to my girlfriend’s father.

I don’t remember how it came up. It’s possible I did something bad and this was Lizz’s way of punishing me. I explained things slowly, tried to come up analogies that were accessible to a man in his sixties, but I don’t think he understood. He was okay with the technical process, but I’m not sure he really got his mind around why people would actually do that sort of thing for fun, or how it would be useful for anyone.

I think he still could have written a better article about Twitter than the one Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote for Vanity Fair. continue reading

The Longer Scott Pilgrim 5 Review

There’s a scene at the beginning of Scott Pilgrim vol. 4 where Ramona Flowers tells Scott Pilgrim that he’s the nicest guy she’s ever dated. Scott’s response is that this is kind of sad. Scott is, on this rare occasion,… continue reading »

Milligan Mania: Shade the Changing Man

If you’re going to talk about Peter Milligan, it’s best to start with Shade The Changing Man. It’s not his first work, but it’s probably his best known, and certainly the book that put him on the map with North… continue reading »