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Bell needs parking more than cyclists need safety, and the City of Toronto agrees

Bell Media needed overflow parking, and the City of Toronto offered them one of the few bike lanes in the downtown core. But did they even follow their own rules? continue reading

Regular People Doing Regular Things on Bikes

Do you wear regular clothes? Yes, I know: That’s a meaningless question. You’d expect a person’s wardrobe to vary based on their job, their leisure activities, and their personal style.  But this sort of question seems to be a thing… continue reading »

What car commercials can teach us about bicycles

A bicycle, some argue, is merely a tool for getting from Point A to Point B, and anything else – equipment, type of bike, clothing – is entirely beside the point. We shouldn’t call people cyclists, because no one should be identified by their mode of transportation. I can appreciate idea of this utilitarianism, but I am nagged by this thought: Have these people never seen a car commercial? continue reading

Making Safe Cycling Laws Meaningful

With a provincial election in the fall, Ontario politicians are starting to line up their platforms. Yesterday, NDP leader Andrea Horwath unveiled her party’s environmental policies, and most of the attention seems to have gone to a proposal that would require drivers to give cyclists at least one meter when passing. continue reading

Making Up Facts: Not just for mayors any more

Making Shit Up is the new standard for getting things done in Toronto. If you’ve got an issue, there’s no need for things like research or facts. You can just make up claims, and apparently many media outlets will print them, regardless of any actual connections to reality. continue reading

How Dangerous is Riding a Bike?

Helmets credited for drop in cycling head injuries. That seems like an obvious story, right? As Greg Webster, director of primary healthcare information for the Canadian Institute for Health Information says, “it intuitively makes sense.” continue reading

On the Subject of Bikes, Cars, Pedestrians, and The Law

In my experience, cyclists have three approaches to the rules of the road: Fully obey all laws all the time. These people are very rare. Cautious rule breakers: They may not follow the exact letter of the law, but still… continue reading »

The Magical Powers of Bicycle Licenses

In the wake of a serious cyclist-pedestrian collision, concerned and non-wheeled citizens across Toronto are wondering how they can protect themselves from aggressive, negligent, and careless cyclists. Many of them are coming up with very stupid ideas. Sun Columnist Michele Mandel… continue reading »

Cycle Geek: Ride Your Bike Like a Dork and Have Fun Doing It

If you look around Toronto, you’ll see a wide variety of people on bikes. Many ride whatever was cheapest and available, be it a hand-me-down, used bike, or Canadian Tire junker. Others have more specific tastes that run into the… continue reading »