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TIFF Trailers: Enough Said

I’m a big fan of Nicole Holofcener’s work. Please Give and Friends With Kids are both enjoyable films, with the latter being the only tolerable Jennifer Aniston role I’ve ever seen. She’s also directed some of my favourite episodes of Parks & Recreation (Smallest Park) and Enlightened (Not Good Enough Mothers).

Enough Said has a great cast, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (star of the savagely brilliant Veep), James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, and Toni Collette (using her Australian accent, which always blows my mind).

On the other hand, Enough Said also has a release date of September 20th, a week after the festival ends. So while I’m definitely looking forward to it, I can’t make squeezing it into my TIFF schedule a priority.

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