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TIFF picks: Discovery

The Discovery programme is a place for taking chances at the festival. With its spotlight on new directors, you never quite know what to expect. Granted, that can go for anything you see, whether at the festival or elsewhere. With a few exceptions, there are few stars or big names in attendance. There are, however, some damn good films, and some filmmakers who may be a big deal in a few short years.

The best thing I can say about Discovery is if something looks good, go for it.

I Am Yours

There are a few things that increased my interest in Iram Haq’s feature about a single mother in Norway:

  1. I generally dig Scandanavian films.
  2. It was selected by programmer Steve Gravestock, who has seldom steered me wrong. One of my first steps in planning a film festival schedule is checking out which movies are “his”.
  3. Festival director Cameron Bailey tweeted this trailer for the film, which looks excellent.
  4. As a small bonus, it stars Amrita Acharia, who was on Game of Thrones.


Sarah Prefers to Run

Sometimes, I worry I’m not a good cinematic Canadian, as I generally don’t make any particular effort to see Canadian films. Even at the Toronto International Film Festival, I’ll usually prioritize the international over the local.

But this “stylish and slyly comic chronicle of a young woman’s sexual awakening” caught my attention, and the trailer solidified my interest by using The Dears, on of my favourite bands.

Seriously! That’s it. I’m going to see a movie because I like the music in the trailer. Why  not?

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