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Vanity Fair to Twitter: Get Off My Lawn!

During Christmas Dinner, I had to explain Twitter to my girlfriend’s father.

I don’t remember how it came up. It’s possible I did something bad and this was Lizz’s way of punishing me. I explained things slowly, tried to come up analogies that were accessible to a man in his sixties, but I don’t think he understood. He was okay with the technical process, but I’m not sure he really got his mind around why people would actually do that sort of thing for fun, or how it would be useful for anyone.

I think he still could have written a better article about Twitter than the one Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote for Vanity Fair. continue reading

Crazy People are Awesome Sometimes

We live in an overly litigous society. There are far too many lawsuits and not enough personal responsibility, and too many people make too much money from it for things to change. Some days, you just want to go and… continue reading »

Do you need even MORE of my thoughts?

If things aren’t random enough around here, you can always follow me on Twitter. Mostly I just signed up to spite my lovely girlfriend, who is not at all fond of Twitter. But maybe it doesn’t have to suck?

I’m not dead yet

You know that thing little wise old men say about it being better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and prove it right? That’s kind of how I feel lately. I’d like to be blogging more,… continue reading »

Thought for the day

If Gruesome is a word, why isn’t Grue? Awesome. Awe. Gruesome. Grue. Right? Stupid English. And yes, this is all because of a particularly frustrating game of Scrabulous.

Stephen Fry Is My Hero

And we’re back, after a busy holiday season. Family, friends, moderate (and occasionally immoderate) amounts of alcohol… Of course, we’re not really back just yet, as this is going to be a fairly insubstantial post. With a ton of boxing-week… continue reading »

Julbock is Back: Goatwatch 2007

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m absolutely fascinated by Julbock: A giant straw goat that’s erected in the Swedish town of Gavle every December, and is burnt down nearly every year. I just… continue reading »

Live From Afghanistan

A long time ago, in a city far, far away, I did my undergrad degree in journalism. The only thing this really taught me was that I do not, under any circumstances, want to be a journalist. Many people have… continue reading »

Finally, the internet produces something useful

Stephen Fry has a blog. It is a must-read, though perhaps not an all-in-one-sitting read, particularly if you have a job or a life to attend to. This week he discusses fame, both his own and others. As one might… continue reading »

And we’re back!

Two weeks of vacation are finally over. A relaxing week at the cottage, followed by a few days in Halifax, a couple days biking along the coast of Nova Scotia, and an awesome wedding that involved a couple of canoes… continue reading »

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