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The Netflix Effect: Silly Journalism

DC  Comics editor Julius Schwartz had a habit of commissioning covers first, and then telling the writer & artist of the book to work from that cover. It’s a creative approach to fiction, but not ideal for writing the news.… continue reading »

The Leftovers Manufactures Meaningless Suspense

One episode in, The Leftovers is already a slave to the Plot Twist. Even worse, it appears to have done so in the belief that its audience is stupid. continue reading

Orphan Black clones Breaking Bad

Given the many clones on Orphan Black, it’s not uncommon to get a sense of deja vu while watching the show. But the opening scene of Governed As It Were By Chance, the fourth episode of season two, conjures not another version of Tatiana Maslany,… continue reading »

Game of Thrones has nothing to say about rape, continues to say it very badly & loudly

Game of Thrones has become addicted to showing off how horrible its characters can be. It’s always been lazy when it came to sexual violence, but now it’s just wallowing, and has nothing to say beyond “people are mean.” continue reading

Breaking Bad’s finale is neat, clean, and tidy. And that’s bad.

Felina is an attempt to tie up as many loose ends as possible, and to offer as much redemption to Walter White as the series can justify. continue reading

Walter White and the No-Good, Very Bad Nazis

Breaking Bad has insulated Walter White’s morality with some exceptional antagonists. Whatever you may think of Walt, he pales next to Tuco, Gus, or the Salamanca cousins. continue reading

Game of Thrones 2.4: Bad Boys

Is there any question, at this point, that Joffrey Baratheon is a horrible person? continue reading

The Office solves a problem no one had

Finally, The Office got around to answering the question that was on everyone’s minds after Andy’s reunion with Erin: What’s going to happen to Jessica? continue reading

Game of Thrones’ Women Troubles

If you set your story in a medieval-style world, are you obligated to treat your female characters like crap? continue reading

Parks and Recreation 4-14: Operation Ann

Parks & Recreation defines its characters extremely well. Everyone has a role in the dynamic of the show, and the show always knows what its characters are about.

Except for Ann Perkins. continue reading

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