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Bell needs parking more than cyclists need safety, and the City of Toronto agrees

Bell Media needed overflow parking, and the City of Toronto offered them one of the few bike lanes in the downtown core. But did they even follow their own rules? continue reading

Career Politician John Tory criticizes Olivia Chow for being a Career Politician

In his latest press release, Mayoral candidate Jonn Tory takes aim at Olivia Chow’s history of spending money as a politician. Matt Elliott took a good look at the accuracy of those claims, but the one thing that stood out in… continue reading »

Stop taking pictures with Rob Ford

It’s not just about being a fat stupid drunk. We all know Rob Ford is ridiculous. At his best, he mixes simplistic catch phrases with incoherent bluster until he turns red in the face. One might think he was drunk or high… continue reading »

The Olympic Torch Relay is Decadent and Depraved

They stood along the side of Yonge Street like idle panhandlers who forgot to keep their palms extended. The crowds are sparse south of Dundas, with people gathered in small groups, staking out prime sidewalk real estate. The streets are… continue reading »