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Category: Politics

In his latest press release, Mayoral candidate Jonn Tory takes aim at Olivia Chow’s history of spending money as a politician. Matt Elliott took a good look at the accuracy of those claims, but the one thing that stood out in Tory’s release is the dreaded accusation that Olivia Chow is a Career Politician. “Toronto needs […]

“We thought we were getting a responsible leader.” That’s what newly-registered Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz had to say about electing Rob Ford at the Toronto Board of Trade. It’s safe to say that Rob Ford has surprised a lot of people during his time as mayor. No one expected him to be videotaped smoking crack, […]

While Rob Ford's flaws, both political and personal, have been well documented, he's rarely lacked political support. While some city councillors have abandoned his bullying, ignorant leadership he's maintained support from plenty of politicians who have spent so much time looking the other way it's a wonder they can still move their necks.