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Justin Trudeau’s no-good, very bad excuse for arms deals

Justin Trudeau promises transparency, but offers only vague & incomplete justifications for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. continue reading

Bell needs parking more than cyclists need safety, and the City of Toronto agrees

Bell Media needed overflow parking, and the City of Toronto offered them one of the few bike lanes in the downtown core. But did they even follow their own rules? continue reading

Career Politician John Tory criticizes Olivia Chow for being a Career Politician

In his latest press release, Mayoral candidate Jonn Tory takes aim at Olivia Chow’s history of spending money as a politician. Matt Elliott took a good look at the accuracy of those claims, but the one thing that stood out in… continue reading »

Karen Stintz runs for mayor, announces she has no idea how to identify a mayor

“We thought we were getting a responsible leader.” That’s what newly-registered Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz had to say about electing Rob Ford at the Toronto Board of Trade. It’s safe to say that Rob Ford has surprised a lot of… continue reading »

We know why Rob Ford lies. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

While Rob Ford’s flaws, both political and personal, have been well documented, he’s rarely lacked political support. While some city councillors have abandoned his bullying, ignorant leadership he’s maintained support from plenty of politicians who have spent so much time looking the other way it’s a wonder they can still move their necks. continue reading

Helleresque City Council

The word kafkaesque gets thrown around a lot, often by people who have never read a single word written by Franz Kafka. (You should read many of his words; they are quite excellent, particularly when assembled into sentences and paragraphs.) I’ve… continue reading »

The Folly of Rocco Rossi

Rocco Rossi might have the stuff to be a good mayor. But he’s an awful candidate, running a ludicrous campaign. continue reading