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Singing Other People’s Songs

As a general rule, I don’t like covers. Too often, it’s just lazy musicians trying to get attention by playing songs people already know. But sometimes, it’s just really great to hear a familiar song played by someone who was… continue reading »

May Music: BSS, Land of Talk, Mono, Lucky Soul

Sometimes, I worry that I’m not Canadian enough. I don’t like a lot of things that Canadians are supposed to like, like Rush, Hockey, or Paul Gross. So I hate to be judgemental about this sort of thing, but I’m… continue reading »

Magneta Lane at Canadian Music Week

(If you’re interested, the non-photoshopped version is here.)

Music: Campesinos!, Lucky Soul, Gaga, Palmer

Have I ever told you that I love Los Campesinos? They’re such a delightfully fun band, poppy and spunky with lots of clever singalong bits that get even better when you start paying attention the lyrics. Now Hold On Youngsters…… continue reading »

I love this comic so very much

As if I weren’t already excited about the new Phonogram series, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have posted a preview of the first issue. And it looks good. Like you’d expect. But it gets even better when Penny’s friend Laura… continue reading »

Creepier than Thriller!

Mogwai are back on form, and they are freaking me out.

Like peanut-butter and chocolate, kind of

If you’re like me – and if you’re not, you should try a little harder – you dig samurai movies. And you have at least a passing interest in electronic music. But you’ve always wondered – how can I combine… continue reading »

North by Northeast 2008

This weekend was the annual North by Northeast festival in Toronto, a city-wide feast of bands playing in tiny, sweaty clubs. It’s been a few years since I took in the whole festival, so this year I dove in. Thursday… continue reading »

The Long Blondes @ Lee’s Palace

I actually wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this show. Unlike British Sea Power, whose new album is definitely concert-friendly, the new Long Blondes album has a decided studio feel: Lots of electronics, some quieter songs, and more experimental.… continue reading »

I Like Rock Music: British Sea Power @ Lee’s Palace

The summer concert season got off to an excellent start with British Sea Power. This was the third time I’ve seen them, and definitely their best performance. A few years experience definitely helps, and their new album is tailor-made for… continue reading »

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