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The Big Short plays the underdog while betting on The House

The Big Short spends most of its running time trying to occupy a moral high ground none of its characters have earned. It talks a good game about challenging assumptions, but ultimately reinforces what we think we already know. continue reading

Friday Music: EMA, Boris, Nothing, Mogwai

Erika M Andersons’ previous album, Past Life Martyred Saints, was one of those albums I liked & admired, but didn’t love. It was dark, moody, and emotional, and something I should have adored, but it just didn’t click for reasons I can’t… continue reading »

How to start the year

New Year’s Resolution: Begin every day with Please Mr Kennedy, from Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s entirely delightful. (Note: Not an actual New year’s Resolution.)

The best song about Blade Runner in 2013

This is a surprisingly lovely song by Grumbling Fur that appropriates Rutger Hauer’s final monologue from Blade Runner. If you’ve forgotten, the original:

Spooky Songs for Ghouls & Ghosts: A Hallowe’en Playlist

It’s almost Hallowe’en. Truthfully, I listen to weird and spooky music for most of the year, but only occasionally does this become socially acceptable. Yes, there are two Nick Cave songs. Normally, I would consider this to be cheating, but… continue reading »

The Weight Of Gold by Forest Swords

Spooky, moody soundscape from The Forest Swords‘ new album Engravings, out August 26th.

The Corin Tucker Band: Neskowin

Hearing Corin Tucker sing is one of those religious rock & roll experiences like no other. continue reading

Godspeed You Black Emperor: Mladic

For the first time in ten years, there is a new album by Godspeed You Black Emperor. This is a pretty big deal. continue reading

Stars: Through the Mines

The North is the best Stars album in years, and Through the Mines is its best track. continue reading

February Music: Not Radiohead

I’m not going to write about Radiohead. I like Radiohead, you might like Radiohead. So far, I really like King of Limbs; there’s some good stuff there. But everyone’s talking about Radiohead. And, truth be told, I was excited about… continue reading »

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