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The worst thing about Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that Captain America is in it. I can’t lie: I’ve never liked the star spangled avenger. Most of that can be attributed to me being Canadian, and being fairly disinterested in a superhero wrapped in someone else’s flag. (Lest you think it’s entirely about nationalism, I […]

God knows I’m skeptical of adaptations these days, but I’m actually starting to get a good feeling about The Losers, Sylvain White’s adaptation of Andy Diggle & Jock’s great espionage comic. Diggle and Jock were apparently involved at various points in the production, and there’s even a promo poster that uses Jock’s cover to #12, […]

I admit, I was curious about the pilot for Human Target. It’s not like I had great expectations, given the challenges of adapting Peter Milligan’s great books, but hey, I want stuff like this to be good. Maybe you can adapt a thoughtful and challenging book into the television format and.. Wait, what’s that? McG […]