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Game of Thrones has nothing to say about rape, continues to say it very badly & loudly

Game of Thrones has become addicted to showing off how horrible its characters can be. It’s always been lazy when it came to sexual violence, but now it’s just wallowing, and has nothing to say beyond “people are mean.” continue reading

Game of Thrones 2.4: Bad Boys

Is there any question, at this point, that Joffrey Baratheon is a horrible person? continue reading

Game of Thrones’ Women Troubles

If you set your story in a medieval-style world, are you obligated to treat your female characters like crap? continue reading

The Great Genre Reader Questionnaire

Gail Carriger did this on her blog, and I thought it’d be a good excuse to talk about books, which I never seem to do for some reason. Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror? Usually fantasy, but not because I exclude… continue reading »

The Girl Who was More Interesting than Anyone Else in the Story

Why should anyone care about Mikael Blomkvist when Lisbeth Salander is around? continue reading

If Nikolski had a face, I would punch it

I am a bad literary Canadian. Of the hundreds of books in my apartment, a scant few were written by Canadian authors. Many of those I have are leftovers from a Canadian Literature course I took ten years ago, and… continue reading »

Margaret Atwood pisses me off

In general terms, I like Margaret Atwood. She’s not my favourite author by any stretch – I’ve only ever finished one of her books, the wonderful Handmaid’s Tale – but I respect an author who’s diverse, seemingly willing to write… continue reading »

Other Things that are Awesome

A brief summary of things that have been awesome over the last few weeks. Not all of these things are fucking awesome, but they are nonetheless pretty darn cool. The Complete Six Feet Under. I bought this after Christmas (I… continue reading »

Books in 2007

I don’t write about books here very much, though I’m going to try and change that. I suppose they take a lot more time, both to read and to process, than most comics and movies, and I’m very, very lazy… continue reading »

I (heart) Warren Ellis

Why snark when others can do it for me? God bless Warren Ellis, Stuart Immonen, and Nextwave:

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