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The Big Short plays the underdog while betting on The House

The Big Short spends most of its running time trying to occupy a moral high ground none of its characters have earned. It talks a good game about challenging assumptions, but ultimately reinforces what we think we already know. continue reading

Justin Trudeau’s no-good, very bad excuse for arms deals

Justin Trudeau promises transparency, but offers only vague & incomplete justifications for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. continue reading

How I lost interest in baseball the year the Jays started winning

I’ve been a Blue Jays fan for about as long as I’ve been alive. How did I become indifferent to the team when they finally started winning? continue reading

Bell needs parking more than cyclists need safety, and the City of Toronto agrees

Bell Media needed overflow parking, and the City of Toronto offered them one of the few bike lanes in the downtown core. But did they even follow their own rules? continue reading

Oscars Gonna Oscar

If you’ve watched the Oscars for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed some trends: The Academy likes movies about real people, preferably historically significant ones. Four of the eight Best Picture nominees are based on true stories, and four of… continue reading »

The Netflix Effect: Silly Journalism

DC  Comics editor Julius Schwartz had a habit of commissioning covers first, and then telling the writer & artist of the book to work from that cover. It’s a creative approach to fiction, but not ideal for writing the news.… continue reading »

TIFF 2014: A brief sampling

Last week, the Toronto International Film Festival announced some of their big galas and premieres. There were some interesting films listed, but the real excitement came today, when they unveiled the Midnight Madness, Vanguard, Masters, and Documentary programmes. These are the… continue reading »

The Leftovers Manufactures Meaningless Suspense

One episode in, The Leftovers is already a slave to the Plot Twist. Even worse, it appears to have done so in the belief that its audience is stupid. continue reading

Career Politician John Tory criticizes Olivia Chow for being a Career Politician

In his latest press release, Mayoral candidate Jonn Tory takes aim at Olivia Chow’s history of spending money as a politician. Matt Elliott took a good look at the accuracy of those claims, but the one thing that stood out in… continue reading »

Obvious Child is 5% groundbreaking, 95% uninspired formula

Obvious Child has a few interesting things to say about abortion, but says it with cardboard characters and a haphazard story. continue reading

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