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I love this comic so very much

As if I weren’t already excited about the new Phonogram series, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have posted a preview of the first issue. And it looks good. Like you’d expect. But it gets even better when Penny’s friend Laura… continue reading »

Creepier than Thriller!

Mogwai are back on form, and they are freaking me out.

Image Rocks out in December

Just in time for Christmas! Among Image’s December books: The return of Phonogram! Gillen & McKelvie have produced another Phonogram promo comic for the new series. It looks like a slightly different approach from the last series – it’s a… continue reading »

TIFF08: Starstruck in Synecdoche, New York

I’m rarely interested in celebrities. I love the Film Festival for the obscure stuff, the foreign films that often only get a DVD release in North America, months, if not years, after they screen. It’s great when the filmmakers or… continue reading »

TIFF08: Midnight Madness

Those who complain about the Toronto Film Festival becoming elitist clearly haven’t been to enough Midnight Madness screenings. It’s hard to find a crowd that embodies the Festival’s motto of “For the Love of Film” more than a Midnight Madness… continue reading »

Like peanut-butter and chocolate, kind of

If you’re like me – and if you’re not, you should try a little harder – you dig samurai movies. And you have at least a passing interest in electronic music. But you’ve always wondered – how can I combine… continue reading »

This needs to be on my wall

Coinciding nicely with the arrival of my copy of Absolute Sandman volume 3, Vertigo is releasing this gorgeous poster for the 20th anniversary of Sandman. It debuted at San Diego, though I hope it becomes generally available soon – it’s… continue reading »

I Read a Bunch of Vertigo Books and Tell You What I Think

I’m working on more descriptive blog titles. Exciting, no?   Madam Xanadu #1-2: I’ve never been a fan of Matt Wagner. Not in the sense that I don’t like him, but that I simply haven’t read much of his work;… continue reading »

Free King City!

I’d been following the recent Tokypop developments pretty casually. I thought it was all kind of interesting, but I didn’t have any personal investment in it at all. Until now. Due to the publisher’s restructuring and general slashing of their… continue reading »

Milligan Mania: Infinity Inc. – Luthor’s Monsters

At this point, it’s probably conventional wisdom that Peter Milligan shouldn’t write corporate superhero comics. He just can’t write them with a straight face, without throwing in a bit of humour and cynicism, which most of the superhero fans hate.… continue reading »

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